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Meet the team....


PETRINA MARTIN - Director & Tour Guide

Petrina is a groups specialist with over 15 years experience dealing with group travel! Petrina has traveled to most continents across the world. We are regularly researching new and exciting destinations to offer - our most recent itineraries including Scottish Highlands & Bali Cultural Tours!

Jodi Schuhkraft - tour guide on dance tour

JODI SCHUHKRAFT - Travel Consultant & Tour Guide

Jodi is a full time travel consultant & tour guide. She is passionate about the tourism industry and has a love of travel and adventure. Jodi has spent time in South East Asia, South Pacific, and USA, Mexico, and island hopping through the British Virgin Islands.

Aimee Watt Tour Guide on Dance Tour

AIMEE WATT - Tour Guide & Parade Choreographer

Aimee is a dance teacher and part-time tour guide. Her passion is dancing, health & fitness and travel. Aimee has been lucky enough to travel with TPWT with her dance studio to the USA & Europe and has now joined our team as a tour guide! Aimee has also travelled extensively throughout the world and has been well loved with our groups whilst on tour!

Porzhia Jacobsen - Tour guide on dance tour


Porzhia is a dance teacher and a part time tour guide! She loves that TP World tours enables her to share her passions of Dance, performing and travel with others!! Porzhia has her degree in Dance and is a current registered RAD ballet teacher and she has also lived in the Middle East for 6 years working as an onboard manager for one of the worlds leading airlines Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi.

Trent Martin - Tour Guide on Dance Tour


Trent is an electrician and part-time tour guide. His passion is surfing, snowboarding and travel. Trent has been lucky enough to assist in tours including Russia & Scandinavia and Cambodia & Vietnam. Trent has also travelled extensively throughout destinations including USA & Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, British Virgin Islands, Bali, Sri Lanka, Dubai and New Zealand.

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